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I am 40 years old, happily married, four beautiful children, two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s in the works. I am considered a mature student since I went back to school at the age of 35. I went to college first, achieved a Law Clerk diploma (with Honours) and then I went to University. 

Two of my kids have mild intellectual disability and one is waiting for a referral to find out if they have dyslexia. I have been divorced twice and married three times (third times a charm, right?! lol) I have been on social assistance and now I am not. I have lived in different counties, different states, and I am an immigrant.

This blog is here because it was time I shared my experiences. I have finally gotten to a place that allows me to be proud of who I am today. I have stopped allowing shame dictate my next steps in life. I chosen courage over shame and for those reasons I decided to be here for anyone who feels the same. I am the friend I wish I had.



Years Old



The Friend I Wish I Had Blog


I am the friend I wish I had during some dark days. I've been through a lot and will share what I've learned.

The Friend I Wish I Had Podcast


Weekly podcasts about my life—where I was and how I got here.
Hope, strength, courage 💕

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